Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the original pizza restaurants but in the last 20 years they have lost their competitive edge. They needed something bold and oozing of confidence to take back control of the pizza eating market.

Enter No One Out-Pizzas The Hut: a tagline with the extreme confidence they needed cooked into it.

But because Pizza Hut is from humble beginnings they didn't want to say it, they needed an authentic spokesperson to say it for them.

Craig and I wrote the tagline, created the "Authentic Bragspeople" campaign idea, and wrote countless scripts to get to this point. 


Written about on: Creativity, AdAge, and was  AdWeek: Ad of the Day

We also developed a one-off spot while the rest of the work was coming together in creative development. 

Worked With:

Directors - Adam & Dave (Prod. House: Arts & Sciences) 

Group Creative Director - Scott Bell

Creative Directors - Matt Swinburne & Jill Goger

Writer - Craig Gerringer

Producers - Rebecca Wilmer & Jamil McGinnis