INternational house of ... Burgers?

IHOP came to us wanting an idea to promote their new line of juicy, gourmet burgers. But for people to really notice burgers from a pancake house we needed a very big and very dumb idea to break through.

Enter IHOb - We flipped one little letter an the entire Internet flipped out. 



--- Twitter was being Twitter ---


--- And plenty of unexpected Memes and Parodies ---


After the pitch, during the "waiting period", we were placed on another client. Nick and Chico, the team that proceeded us, did a great job of executing and rolling out the rest of the campaign.

They're the guys behind the super funny spots that made everything feel believable. 


--- I will also always be enshrined in a New Yorker Cartoon ---

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 1.34.49 PM.png

Worked With:

Executive Creative Director - Matt Ian (pitch) / Scott Bell

Creative Director - Dan Kelly, Todd Rone Parker (TV)

Writer - Craig Gerringer (pitch) and Nicholas Bauman (TV)

Art Director - Christian Chico (TV)

Designer - Nate Moore

Written up in: 

New York TimesWashington PostNPRUSA TodayADWEEK, and
Wharton School of Business even dedicated their weekly podcast to us.