Chase had a problem; their new travel card was TOO popular. They needed their members to use the card to travel as much as possible.

They didn't care where they just needed people to travel.

James Corden, being a very busy celebrity, couldn't possibly show off all the amazing destinations the world has to offer but he could from the comforts of his couch.

We traversed *almost all seven continents (we got stuck in a wicked storm at the tip of South America) all in 36 days. We topped 15 shoot days, slept on a plane for 7 total nights and only two people felt like they were going to die.

It was fun. It was also the hardest thing I've ever done.


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We also created what we call "Traveler Cuts" to give everyone a deeper look into each country. 

Traveler - "24-Hours in Tokyo"


Traveler - "Chile Explored"


Traveler - "Relax"


Traveler - "Gorillas"



More to come...


Worked With:

Creative Director - Donnell Johnson / Emmie Nostitz

Senior Writer - Craig Gerringer

Producers - Liliana Vega (film)  / Chelsea Gold (photo)

Director -Thibaut Grevet

Photographer - Matthew Reamer